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Change Log

Product Updates

Stay in the loop with our latest updates, improvements, and new features!

  • New Feature


    New: Customer Facing Job Timeline

    We've introduced a new event timeline that enables your customers to conveniently track the progress of their job.

    Now, once a customer completes a required action, they will be able to see a clear chronological record of all completed actions and their respective timestamps.

    The aim of this update is to increase transparency, by keeping customers fully informed about the status of their job.

  • New Feature


    Introducing: Real-Time Delivery Estimates & Customer Deadline Countdown

    When requesting artwork or sending a proof for approval, you can now show a daily countdown timer to ensure a specified lead time is met.

    Key Features:

    • Automated Delivery Estimates: Automatically calculates delivery date based on the customer's completion of required actions before the daily cutoff deadline.

    • Updated Estimates: If customers miss the daily deadline, the estimated delivery time automatically updates to reflect the new timeline.

    • Customisable Cutoff Times: Set different cutoff times for various stages of your process, like artwork submission or proof approval.

    • Bank Holidays Consideration: Specify your business's bank holiday closures to adjust delivery estimates accurately.


    • Encourages Timeliness: Motivates customers to complete actions promptly to secure earlier delivery dates.

    • Clear Expectations: Helps manage customer expectations by clearly indicating how delays affect delivery times.

    • Flexibility: Customisable settings allow for precise control over the estimation process, accommodating different job requirements and schedules.

    How to Use: Enable this feature for any job via the "Add Leadtime" button in the right-hand sidebar. Specify the lead time, including production and delivery, and choose the timescale (e.g., working days, weeks).

  • New Feature


    Global Time Zone Support Now Available

    Our platform now supports all time zones. This means:

    • Reminder emails will be sent at the most appropriate time

    • Studio Hours and Cutoff Times will match your local timezone.

    How to Use: Simply set your timezone in your settings.

  • New Feature


    Added new job board filter

    With this new filter, you can easily toggle between two viewing options:

    1. Jobs Requiring Your Action: Focus exclusively on tasks that need your immediate attention.

    2. Jobs With the Customer: View jobs currently in the customer's hands.

  • New Feature


    New Single File Preview Modal

    Our latest update introduces a dynamic single file preview modal, enhancing your ability to track file histories and changes. This feature allows you to preview any file alongside a comprehensive activity feed, documenting every significant action:

    • Date and time of file upload.

    • Approval or rejection status updates.

    • Annotations or notes attached to the file.

    • Uploads of replacement files.

    This tool is designed to maintain transparency and keep your entire team informed about every development related to a file. It not only provides insights into past actions but also enables you to preview previous versions of the file.

    Additionally, you can access the full preflight report for each file at any time. This valuable information is permanently stored, ensuring you have a complete and detailed historical record at your fingertips.

  • New Feature


    Introducing PDF preflight reports 🎉

    This update is designed to streamline the process of detecting files potentially unsuitable for printing, thereby improving communication with customers about artwork quality.

    Easily identify potential artwork issues like:

    - Low-resolution images.
    - Incorrect colour spaces, eg RGB & Spot colours.
    - Incorrect file size.
    - Incorrect bleed.
    - Unembedded fonts.

    This report offers both a summary overview of the entire document and a detailed breakdown for each page.

    Stay tuned for future updates, as we plan to introduce even more checks to ensure a thorough review of common artwork issues.

  • UX Update


    Improved file preview cards

    We've updated the file preview cards to create a unified component throughout our application for a more cohesive user experience.

    What's New:

    - Refined Design: We've embraced minimalism, offering a simpler yet more informative layout.

    - Status Indicators: Easily discern the status of job artwork with visual cues.

    - Extended File Support: Our thumbnail previews now cater to a broader range of file types.

    - Last Updated Indicator: Stay informed with timestamps indicating when files were updated last.

    - Condensed View: A simplified variant for extensive file lists, enhancing readability and navigation in the activity feed.

    This update is all about efficiency and aesthetics — we hope you enjoy the cleaner, more functional interface!

  • New Feature


    New: Update Artwork

    You can now update artwork at any stage in the process, including:

    - Move files to assets and archive sections.
    - Replace files
    - Upload new files

  • New Feature


    New: Internal job notes

    You can now add internal job notes to keep team members in the loop with any important information.

  • New Feature


    New: Job activity feed

    See everything that's happened with a job at a glance, to keep your whole team in the loop.

  • UX Update


    Updated job header

    • Introduced a status indicator for quick overview of job progress.

    • Included essential job information, encompassing required actions.

    • Ensured consistent visibility of the header across all pages within the job.

    • Provided access to Artworker live chat.

  • UX Update


    Improved Job Board Cards

    We've updated the job board cards to improve the user experience and make it easier to scan for relevant information. The changes include:

    • Added a "Last Updated" label, colour-coded to highlight jobs that haven't been updated in a while.

    • Improved clarity in displaying when a job was created.

    • Improved email receipts

    • Added label to indicate if a job requires action, or if it's with the customer.

  • Misc


    Notice: Change log updates to resume

    We're excited to share that we've been bustling behind the scenes, creating many fantastic new features and improvements for you. Admittedly, we've fallen a bit behind in updating our change log. But no worries! We're back on track and will resume posting regular updates. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

    Thanks for your continued support,
    The Artworker Team

  • New Feature
    UX Update


    Improved job and file management for your contacts

    Efficiently manage jobs and file transfers with our simplified navigation, allowing seamless switching between jobs, contacts and companies to view and handle their respective tasks, resulting in fast and hassle-free access to relevant information, ultimately saving you valuable time and effort.

    You can now also group contacts that work at the same company in order to view and manage all their jobs and file transfers in one place.

  • UX Update


    You can now edit job names and references

    Simply navigate to the job and click the job name or reference to make changes.

  • New Feature


    Automated Chaser Emails: Keep your Production Schedule on Track

    You can now automatically prompt your customers to perform any necessary actions required to fulfil their printing orders, saving you time and reducing administrative burdens. Keep your production schedule on track and streamline your workflow with our new automated chaser emails.

  • Integration


    Create automated workflows with our Automations.io integration

    We are excited to announce that Artworker has now been integrated with Automations.io, a powerful workflow automation service.

    With this new integration, you can create automated workflows that cater to your specific requirements, helping you save precious time and enhance productivity. You can also effortlessly connect with popular applications like Hubspot, Google Drive, Xero, and Mailchimp.

    Try out this powerful integration today and take your workflow to the next level.

  • New Feature


    We've released our open API

    You can now build custom integrations between Artworker and your MIS, Web2Print, CRM and other software tools with the release of our open API.

    Easily create API keys and webhooks in your settings. Read our Documentation