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Free file-sharing for printers

Create your custom file sharing portal

Receive large files from your customers effortlessly with a custom branded file sharing page.

Our file-sharing features

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Personalise your page, stay on brand

Create a page that's uniquely yours by adding your logo and customising the background to match your brand identity.

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A Custom URL for simple sharing

Create a personalised URL for your unique Artworker page which you can link to on your website and emails.

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Keep customer files organised

Never lose sight of your customers' files again, with cloud storage, team access and intuitive search.

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Send massive files in a flash!

Save space in your inbox while also making your customers happier. We begin uploading files in the background for a faster, smoother experience.

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Preview artwork in the browser

Boost customer confidence and avoid expensive mistakes by enabling them to preview their artwork directly in the browser before sending.

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Keep your whole team in the loop

Artworker is a centralised, single source of truth for your customer Artwork. Everyone on your team can stay up-to-date and on the same page.

Free, Without Compromise

Compare our free plan against popular file-sharing services. Experience superior features without a cost commitment.

Create a branded customer portal:
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Background upload for faster transfers:
Display studio hours:
Display your support information:
Preview files before sending:
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Create your custom page in minutes!